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Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels To Produce Lesbian Drama

Lee Daniels To Produce Lesbian Drama.  One thing about Lee Daniels is that he will push the button and will write about and produce movies and television shows that feature content that is controversial but relevant.  This time he is Executive Producing a Drama called “Pimp” starring KeKe Palmer, who is certainly one of my… Read more »

KeKe Palmer Warming Up For The PREGAME [VIDEO]

The year isn’t over and KeKe Palmer is here to let you know she has a few surprises left for 2017.  While we were getting comfortable celebrating the Christmas holiday Keke gave her fans the gift of new music and new video for the holidays. This is the perfect track to listen to while you… Read more »

KeKe Palmer Fires bACK

Why is it every time you’re on top….someone always tries to bring you down. There was a rumor going around the KeKe Palmer who portrayed Chilli in the TLC Movie put out a sex tape but, that rumor is false! Although she did say it hurt her & she’s done too much good to deserve… Read more »