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Will Smith

Will Smith Talks Praise For ‘King Richard’

Will Smith is opening up about all the love “King Richard” has gotten.   He said in a recent interview, “I thought ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ was the best movie I ever made. The reaction that ‘King Richard’ is getting is what I thought ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ was going to get, but something happened with this film… Read more »

Serena and Richard Williams

Serena Williams: “I’m So Excited For King Richard New Trailer!”

Serena Williams says she’s “so excited for [the new] King Richard new trailer.”  The movie is about Serena and Venus Williams’ tennis career and how their father, Richard Williams helped to put them in position to dominate the tennis world. Serena called the movie, “a cool experience” and no doubt will be watching it when it begins streaming… Read more »