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Lala Anthony Speaks on What is Keeping Her Going

Lala Anthony cohosted with Anthony Anderson, VH-1’s Dear Mama: An Event To Honor Moms, and spoke a little about getting through her current drama of divorcing Carmelo Anthony. Lala said, “My family. My family is my strength. My family and God is my strength. That’s where I’ve always found my strength my entire life, so now would be… Read more »

Lala Anthony Back on the Grind!

Lala Anthony isn’t let an impending divorce slow her grind. Lala is producing a reality show. “Gold Diggers,” isn’t about what you think. It’s about women who are trying to form businesses and become entrepreneurs. Timbaland is also producing. T.I.’s alleged side piece, Bernice Bergos has been cast. There more to know here.

La La Will Get Primary Custody of Son

It’s still being hashed out but it looks like La La Anthony will get primary custody of her and Carmelo Anthony’s 10-year old son, Kiyan. The plan is for them to live full-time in NYC and Carmelo would get visitation. They’ve been married 7 years. What kind of dad is Carmelo according to La La?… Read more »

Carmelo and LaLa Have a Prenup

We’re getting way ahead of ourselves here. Carmelo Anthony and LaLa haven’t even publicly spoke on their marital situation, but there seems to be one thing for sure, there is a prenup. Carmelo it would seem has the most money earned. Estimates are Melo has earned over $200 million. One question is is there a cheater… Read more »