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Lee Daniels discovered Cardi B years ago according to Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels Discovered Cardi B Years Ago According to Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels discovered Cardi B years ago according to Lee Daniels. He says the proof is on his IG. Lee says he was so blown away by her that he asked for a selfie video. He claims that was her start. Cardi B auditioned for his TV show, “Star,” three years ago. #justanotherincrediblemomet #castinggirlgroup #everything… Read more »

Mo'Nique Responds

Mo’Nique Responds to Lee Daniels

Mo’Nique responds to Lee Daniels.  Mo’Nique will not quiet down.  She is speaking up first about the rumor that she got a $10 Million Netflix deal, and second to Lee Daniels telling her to shut up.  Do you think that Mo’Nique speaking out is the reason she is not getting work in Hollywood or do… Read more »

Check out Tony's Tea on Facebook Live

Check Out Tony’s Tea on Facebook Live

Check out Tony’s Tea on Facebook Live. More Tony’s Tea with your comments! We’re talking about it all! Lee Daniels, R Kelly, Wendy Williams, Joe Jackson, Michael Cohen, and all with your comments!

Lee Daniels says Mo'Nique wasn't blackballed but she needs to shut up

Lee Daniels Says Mo’Nique Wasn’t Blackballed But She Needs to Shut Up

Lee Daniels says Mo’Nique wasn’t blackballed but she needs to shut up. Lee Daniels is firing back at accusations that Mo’nique has been blackballed in Hollywood. After her Academy Award for Precious, Mo’nique has insisted that Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey have kept her from getting more big roles. Lee told TMZ, “Mo’Nique, I fought hard… Read more »

Lee Daniels says he'll get Damon Dash his $2 million

Lee Daniels Says He’ll Get Damon Dash His $2 Million

Lee Daniels says he’ll get Damon Dash his $2 million. Lee says Dame Dash got him to see it his way. He thought about what Dame did for him when no studio in Hollywood would give him a dime. Lee said, “This black man gave me money when nobody … would give me money. He did… Read more »