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Michel'le is getting a one night special on Lifetime

Michel’le is Getting a One Night Special on Lifetime

Michel’le is getting a one night special on Lifetime. Michel’le: Still Standing, will air Sunday, October 22 at 9pm on Lifetime. At first I thought it was a concert but it’s not. It’ll be hosted by Wendy Williams and they’ll talk about where Michel’le is in her life since her biopic, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le aired. More… Read more »

World’s Best “MJ” Impersonator To Play Star In Movie

How fitting is it for the World’s Best MJ Impersonator, to play him in an upcoming Lifetime movie!! That should be good! The man, Navi has spent years as a Jackson look-a-like! He also worked for Jackson multiple times a body double and decoy during the Jackson’s career! He will be starring in the upcoming… Read more »

Here’s What Women Spend On Makeup In A Lifetime

Have you ever just wondered how much we really spend on makeup?  Well for those of us who love a GOOD BEAT, it can be expensive over the course of a lifetime!! LOL~  According to a recent survey it is PRICEY!! According to a recent survey, about 3,000 women we in a survery  and it revealed… Read more »