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Ludacris buys Groceries for Affluent Shoppers

Ludacris buys groceries for affluent shoppers.  Ludacris is becoming known for paying for peoples groceries.  First in the hood, and now people are thanking him for paying for groceries at places like Whole Foods and Costco.  If you happen to be in line at the grocery store behind Luda, he may pay for your groceries. … Read more »

Ludacris’ Random Act of Kindness For Widow

Ludacris Performs a Random Act of Kindness and the Person Didn’t Know It Was Him Actor and rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges was recently in a Whole Foods in Atlanta. The groceries of the woman in line in front of him spilled over to his groceries. She was buying food for her four rescue dogs, two… Read more »