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Michelle Obama Is Coming Straight For Trump In New Video!

Michelle Obama has released a new video just ahead of the Presidential Election and she is not holding back on her attack of President Donald Trump. “But right now, the President and his allies are trying to tap into that frustration and distract from his breathtaking failures by giving folks someone to blame other than… Read more »

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Michelle Obama: Don’t Mail in Your Vote–It Will Get Lost

Former first lady Michelle Obama has weighed in on the mail-in voting debate — and apparently, she doesn’t have a lot of confidence in the United States Postal Service.  Speaking during an Instagram Live event hosted by her voter registration group When We All Vote, Obama advised followers cast their votes in person. “Listen to people… Read more »

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Democratic National Convention Begins Today

Today begins the Democratic National Convention, and it will dip into uncharted waters by going virtual.  Some of the power house speakers we can hear tonight will include Governor Andrew Cuomo, Bernie Sanders and our former First Lady Michelle Obama.  Check below for the whole schedule for speakers each day which will also include Former… Read more »

Michelle Obama Says She’s Managing Low Grade Depression

Former First Lady Michelle Obama released the second installment of her podcast on Spotify. She sat down with Michele Norris of NPR’s All Things Considered. Obama admitted she has been dealing with a low-grade depression during the quarantine. She said her depression is a combination of being in quarantine and seeing the racial unrest in… Read more »

Barack and Michelle Obama’s Production Company Is Nominated For 7 Emmys

Congrats to Barack and Michelle Obama. Their production company, Higher Ground Productions, received seven Emmy nominations for both documentaries Becoming and American Factory. Becoming, which covers the former first lady’s work and life, received nominations in the cinematography, music composition, outstanding documentary, and directing categories. American Factory, a look at a Chinese company’s factory in Ohio,… Read more »