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See Saana Lathan’s Trailer Nappily Ever After

See Saana Lathan’s Trailer Nappily ever after.  I love Saana Lathan.  Her new movie Nappily Ever After is going to be the next girlfriend must see movie.  This is the one where she cuts out her weave and all of her natural hair.  This looks like a good movie.  Check out the trailer below.


What?? A Remake of Superfly: Check out The Trailer

What?? A remake of Superfly: Check out The Trailer.  It was during what they call the Blaxploitation films times.  Films like Shaft, with Richard Roundtree, Foxy Brown with Pam Grier and of course Superfly the movie that made actor Ron O’Neil a household name.  Now a remake is coming on June 15th starring a new… Read more »

See Traffik Paula Patton’s New Movie Trailer

See Paula Patton’s new movie Traffik’s official trailer.   The buzz has been going on all week about Paula Patton’s new movie Traffik that also stars Omar Epps, Laz Alonzo and Rosalind Sanchez.  At first I wasn’t that interested in seeing the movie, thinking it’s just another break in movie, where family goes to a… Read more »