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Nashville Museum

Nashville opens museum memorializing history of Black music

It’s taken 20 years to complete but the National Museum of African American Music has opened in Nashville.  The museum offers seven galleries and includes artifacts from various historical periods starting with the 1600s.  One of the items is a platinum record that belonged to Marvin Gaye, another item is Louis Armstrong’s trumpet, also on… Read more »

Suspect Named in Christmas Day Explosion in Nashville, TN

The Nashville bomber seems to have meticulously planned his pre-dawn explosion that rocked Nashville’s downtown area on Christmas day.  According to reports, not only did he blast a warning message from an RV that would eventually explode, but he played a classic song from the 60s called “Downtown’ by Petula Clark.   Among lyrics of the song,… Read more »

National Black Museum

National Museum of African American Music to Open Next Month

Nashville is set to open the first National Museum of African American Music in 2021. The museum broke ground in 2017 and will be dedicated to honoring the contributions of African Americans in music. Corporate partners TiVo and Under Armour will contribute interactive installments to the museum which will highlight the sounds and styles of… Read more »