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Nikki Minaj

Nikki Minaj’s Father Killed in a Hit-And-Run Accident

Nicki Minaj’s father, Robert Maraj, has been killed in a hit-and-run accident.   The incident happened in Long Island. Nassau County Police state that Robert was walking on the road between Roslyn Road and Raff Avenue on Friday evening when he was struck.   The driver fled, and so far, no witnesses have a good description of them…. Read more »

R Kelly

New York Judge Rules R. Kelly Trial to Have Anonymous Jury

A federal judge in New York granted the prosecutions request for an anonymous jury in the R.Kelly trial.The judge granted anonymity due to the defendant’s history of obstructing the judicial process.  The judge also cited, the potential for juror intimidation and the intensity of media attention given to this case.  R. Kelly is currently being held in Chicago. He… Read more »

NY, NJ, CT To Require 14-Day Quarantine For Texans Visiting [WATCH]

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are imposing a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all visitors traveling from coronavirus ‘hot spots’. The ‘list will be based on a seven-day average of infection rates and currently includes nine states – Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, North and South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo said his… Read more »


After three months of being shut down, New York has started phase one of reopening since the coronavirus outbreak. As many states start to reopen, some of them have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases. Though in New York, phase one means all construction projects can restart; and non-essential retailers can start curbside pickup. Officials… Read more »


Rise Up New York, Hosted by Tina Fey has raised $115 million during pandemic. The Rise Up New York was a telethon created to help those in need during COVID-19. All New Yorkers who’ve needed food, shelter, education, legal services and more will all receive help with the money raised. This virtual telethon featured artist… Read more »

60 Bodies Found Piled in U-Haul Trucks Outside NY Funeral Home

As coronavirus-related deaths continue to outnumber places in which to store the bodies, one New York funeral home has come up with an unconventional solution to the problem: piling the bodies into unrefrigerated U-Haul trucks. Responding to reports of a foul odor coming from the area, police officers made the gruesome discovery Wednesday evening outside… Read more »