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Report: Trump Will Not Unveil Official Obama Portrait

Breaking with a 40-year tradition, President Donald Trump reportedly will not be unveiling the official White House portrait of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. The news was first reported by NBC, that the event to unveil Obama’s official portrait wasn’t currently on the calendar, and may not even occur while Trump is in office, and that… Read more »

Donald Trump

President Trump Impeached

President Trump Impeached…We all know by now that President Trump has been Impeached for “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress”.  Frankly I got a little tired of it all from “both” sides.  Yes the man is a horrible President, and not that good of a person.  The next question we all have is “what’s… Read more »

President Trump denies saying Haiti and African countries are bleep holes

Donald Trump Refuses To Apologize To Central Park Five

The Central Park Five story being documented on Netflix’s docuseries ‘When They See Us’ has caused quite the controversy. Since it’s release ‘When They See Us’ is the most watched show in the US every day since it’s premiere. Backlash from the series resulted in Linda Fairstein, the prosecutor in the Central Park Five case,… Read more »