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President Obama

President Obama, Considers Getting Vaccine to Prove It’s Safe

President Barack Obama is delivering a message to the Black community: The coronavirus vaccine will not only be safe, but it will also save lives.  The former commander-in-chief’s comments, which he made yesterday, came in response to growing backlash against the vaccine — especially in communities of color. “I understand, historically, everything dating back all… Read more »

Obama Criticizes Virus Response in Online Graduation Speech

Former President Barack Obama criticized the current government’s Coronavirus response in two separate online graduation speeches. In Saturday’s address to graduating high school seniors, Obama panned “grown-ups, including some with fancy titles and important jobs who do what feels good, convenient and easy.  That’s how little kids think and that’s why things are so screwed… Read more »

President Obama

LA Honors Former President Obama With Obama Blvd.

LA Honors Former President Obama with Obama Blvd. Los Angeles has decided to honor former president Barack Obama by renaming a 3.5 mile piece of Rodeo Road. Obama Boulevard will be unveiled on May 4 along with a free festival. This isn’t the first time Obama has had a roadway named after him, last year… Read more »

Watch President Obama ‘Slow Jams The News’

President Barack Obama “Slow Jams The News” and set the record straight about his accomplishments over the last 7 years. The President gets in a few jabs about the 2016 Presidential Election too.    

President Obama On His Decision In Libya

President Barack Obama is taking some time to reflect on his presidency and reveals the one decision he would like to get a do-over on. He revealed in a recent interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News what he thinks was his worst mistake. The President said, “Probably not planning for the day after what I think was… Read more »

Steve Harvey With Kid’s Letters to President Obama

If you need a good laugh the Steve Harvey Morning Show is always a good place to start. If you can’t wait until tomorrow morning check out this edition of  Just One More Thing! Steve features children’s letters to the President.