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Jill Scott

Jill Scott Denies Keeping Ex Husband’s Belonging’s

Jill Scott denies keeping ex husband’s belonging’s.  Uh oh…I thought this mess between Jill Scott and her ex husband Michael Dobson was over.  Apparently not…Michael Dobson went to a judge saying Jill would not return his things including a Prince Purple rain album (really)  She says she tried to return his things and could not… Read more »

Prince's heirs want to get out of their deal with Tidal

Prince’s Heirs Want to Get Out of Their Deal with Tidal

Prince’s heirs want to get out of their deal with Tidal. They’re accusing Tidal of allegedly lying about streaming data. Sharon, Norrine and John Nelson’s lawyers say Tidal’s streaming numbers are shaky and they want the judge to reconsider the order that granted Tidal exclusive streaming rights for an upcoming album of unreleased Prince music. Read here.