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Suge Knight

Suge Knight Transferred to State Prison to Begin Sentence

Suge Knight transferred to State Prison to begin sentence.   Things just got more real for Suge Knight. TMZ reports that Suge has been transferred to Wasco State Prison in California to serve the remainder of his 28-year sentence for manslaughter. After some medical and mental evaluations, it will be determined whether Knight remains there… Read more »

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson Warns Bill Cosby to Watch His Back in Prison

O.J. Simpson warns Bill Cosby to watch his back in Prison.  For a 81 year old man in prison, that is a understatement.  O.J. is saying what a lot of us are thinking and that is rapist are frowned upon in prison.  This is still so unreal to me.  What a shame this whole situation… Read more »


Apollo’s Fiancee Slams Phaedra For Keeping Kids Away

Apollo’s fiancee slams Phaedra for keeping kids away.  This one is very personal and tough. Apollo’s finacee Sherien Almufti says Apollo is heartbroken because he cannot see his children while he is in jail.  She says he writes them and sends gifts because he loves them and misses them.  Phaedra on the other hand does… Read more »

Meek Mill

Meek Mill Will Not be Released From Prison

Meek Mill will not be released from prison.   Yes according to Meek Mill will not be released as people had hoped.  His lawyers are saying they have no knowledge of him being released.  This all started after Twitter and other social media went wild with rumors that Meek would be released on Monday. … Read more »


DMX Gets 1 Year Prison Sentence

DMX gets 1 year prison sentence.  Yes DMX is gone to jail for 1 year.  Hopefully this will be what the doctor ordered to help X get his life back on track.  Prosecutors wanted him to get 5 years for owing 1.7 million in taxes but the judge only gave him 1 year.  DMX also… Read more »

The Juice Could Be Loose By Monday!

O.J. Simpson could be on the streets as early as Monday, plans are underway for the 70 year old former NFL star to be released from prison. The Nevada state parole board had set October 1st as the date that Simpson would be eligible for release but that falls of a Sunday and the state… Read more »