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Massive U.S. Protests Raise Fears of New Coronavirus Outbreaks

Many across the U.S. were in the streets this weekend protesting the death of George Floyd. Due to the protests, health experts fear an uptick in coronavirus cases. The fear is people with no symptoms who may have been out in the crowds, close to others all while not wearing a mask. Even if you were… Read more »


A Dallas salon opens up despite the Coronavirus stay at home order by Gov. Abbott. Shelley Luther, the owner of Salon A La Mode states, “And if they want to lock the doors, I’ll put chairs out here and my stylist can work out here in the patio, gladly.” Because of this a crowd of… Read more »


A rally took place Tuesday, April 21st in Downtown Dallas, filled with protesters that are ready to get back to work. Chanting, “Shut down the shutdown” it’s clear Dallas is tired of the extended stay at home orders made by Jenkins and Abbott. More than 100 protesters gathered in Dealey Plaza in hopes of ending… Read more »

Growing Protests in US Call for Lifting State Lockdowns

This weekend saw many protests in the U.S. as some are ready to get back to work. There were protests from Utah to Wisconsin with people taking to the streets urging for a return to normal life. In Jacksonville, Florida beaches were open. In a series of three separate tweets, the president tweeted on Friday, Liberate… Read more »