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A Hollywood Publicist Says Cuba Gooding Jr Once Grabbed HIS Crotch

A Hollywood publicist says Cuba Gooding Jr once grabbed HIS crotch. Jonathan Jaxson wrote on his blog about the time Cuba allegedly grabbed his crotch. Cuba then allegedly invited him back to his hotel room. Jonathan Jaxson has forgiven Cuba, but will never forget it. More here.

Angie Stone knows how the Usher spreading herpes story got out

Angie Stone Knows How the Usher Spreading Herpes Story Got Out

Angie Stone knows how the Usher spreading herpes story got out. Angie says she has spoken to the woman suing Usher. Her name, according to Angie, is Laura. Angie says Laura’s cell phone got in the possession of her ex-publicist. “…the ex-publicist ratchetly took everything off her computer, as a result of what ended up… Read more »

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Rough Week for Chris Brown!

Chris Brown’s last seven days have been a little rough. I’ll spill the tea. BET’s CEO doesn’t know what happened with D’Angelo and the Prince tribute. Kelly Rowland is in the studio – this week! Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!


Tough week for Chris Brown

The last 7 days haven’t been good for Chris Brown. First, the man hired to rehab is image after the Rihanna scandal is suing for beating him. Suge Knight is suing him saying it’s Breezy’s fault he got shot. Now his publicist, Nancy Ghosh, has quit. Why did she quit? Read here.