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Police Chief Said Warrant Was Coming But Where Is It?

Police chief said warrant was coming but where it?  That question is on a lot of peoples after the death of 26 year old Botham Jean who was killed when a Dallas Police Officer thought his apartment was hers and shot and killed him. (for no reason)  and now people want answers…Did he know this… Read more »

Black Women Are Running Dallas Law Enforcement!

With yesterday’s appointment of Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Marian Brown as the interim Sheriff, African-American women now hold the top jobs in Dallas law enforcement. In September Renee Hall became the Dallas Police Chief and in January Faith Johnson became the Dallas County District Attorney. Brown, Hall, and Johnson are the first African-American women… Read more »

Dallas Hires First Female Police Chief

Dallas Hires First female Police Chief.  History has just been made right here in Dallas Texas!  Detroit Deputy Chief Ulysha Renee Hall will become the first female police chief for the Dallas Police Department!  She is also African American and will be filling the vacant spot left by former police chief David Brown.  She is scheduled… Read more »