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Bicycle Sales Skyrocket in the US

While most U.S. stores still haven’t recovered from March’s run on toilet paper, the coronavirus pandemic has moved on to cause a whole new shortage, experts say: bicycles. Sales of bicycles have skyrocketed in recent months, according to market research company NPD Group. Sales of leisure bikes have increased 121 percent; sales of commuter and… Read more »


Sisqo Says “Thong Song” Helped Victoria’s Secret

Sisqo Says “Thong Song” Helped Victoria’s Secret OMG time sure does fly.  Do you remember when Sisqo released “The Thong Song”?  Well, the song is now celebrating it’s 20 anniversary.  To celebrate, Sisqo said that once his team realized how big the song was, they approached Victoria’s secret, but the song had already blown up… Read more »