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[WATCH] Pastor Freddie Haynes’ Open Letter To Jerry Jones

Pastor Freddie Haynes is responding to Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones and his rule that all Cowboy’s players must stand during the National Anthem. Haynes remarks were made during a recent service at Friendship West Baptist church, the written version was posted on Haynes’ Facebook page and now the church has released the video version.


Eve Says She Is Done With Kanye

Eve says she is done with Kanye.  Kanye shut up…please!!  Everyone has chimed in on Kanye’s statement about slavery being a choice.  Was he talking about slavery of the mind?  I think his mind is enslaved with some of the comments coming out.  Now Eve from “The Talk” (one of my favs) is saying that… Read more »


Kanye Clarifies Slavery Statements

Kanye clarifies slavery statements.  I don’t know what to say about Kanye West.  He made the statement that Slavery was a choice and social media went wild.  Now he wants to clarify what he meant when he made the statement.    He says something to the effect that we are mentally enslaved, and cannot be… Read more »