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Snoop Dogg, John Legend and More Get Back to Work!

A sure sing the things are semi getting back to normal for the film and music industry, several entertainers were spotted doing what they do over the weekend.According to TMZ, Snoop Dogg and John Legend were photographed shooting music videos, Snoop on at a famous burger place on the Sunset Strip, Mel’s Diner, where vintage cars… Read more »

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Snoop Wants to Battle Jay Z

Snoop Dogg explains why he should be the one to square up against JAY-Z in the Verzuz battle. Snoop discussed possible opponents on Instagram with Fat Joe with Saturday saying, Biggie passed away, and then Nas had it for a minute. And then Jay-Z took it and ran with it for numerous amounts of years…. Read more »

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Snoop Dogg Publicly Apologizes to Gayle King

Snoop Dogg issued a real apology to Gayle King. He admitted that two wrongs don’t make a right and he was wrong for the things he said to Gayle. He admitted that he publicly torn her down based on emotions. He apologized for calling her out her name and being disrespectful. He said that he… Read more »

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Snoop Dogg Is Releasing Some of His Biggest Hits As Lullabies

Snoop Dogg Is Re-releasing Some of His Biggest Hits As Lullabies What??  At this point there is NOTHING that Snoop Dogg can’t do.  He is always re-creating himself and we are here for it! This time he is releasing a 12 track album of lullaby versions of his music. It will be called, Lullaby Renditions… Read more »

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Snoop Defends KU Performance

Snoop Defends KU Performance You know Snoop Dogg is always gonna keep it real.  He is speaking out after the criticism from his performance at the University of Kansas and says he had a “hell of a time.” Snoop was performing at the university to help kickoff the Kansas basketball season, but because he did… Read more »