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Colleges Taking Financial Hits During Pandemic

As the coronavirus takes hold of the entire country many colleges across the country are scrambling to keep their finances in order. As a matter of fact, some colleges around the country are taking hits as large as $100 million in the form of sporting event ticket sales, housing, dining, and more. There are even a large… Read more »

Financial Ramifications of Coronavirus Spread across Several Industries

Retailers, small businesses and airlines aren’t the only industries that have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. A number of other industries have already suffered financial ramifications, some of which may never fully recover, a new study indicates. Other victims of the pandemic include the steel industry, which has seen demand for its product plummet… Read more »

Target, Lowe’s, and Trader Joe’s Will Be Closed on Easter Sunday

It’s just been announced that major chains Target, Lowe’s, and Trader Joe’s will be closed on Easter Sunday. The reasoning behind the closing is simply to give their employees a break after they’ve worked so hard during the coronavirus pandemic. Lowe’s also announced that the over 300,000 employees won’t lose pay or hours because of the closure. Sprouts,… Read more »


“Behind ever one of those numbers is an individual.” Says Governor Andrew Cuomo with the number of residents in New York contacting the Coronavirus more than 3,000 residents have died. This increase now tops the number of lives lost in the 2001 attack on the World Trade Centerknown as 9/11. New York encourages residents to… Read more »


Do you believe this virus will stick around like the Flu? Well recent studies have shown that more than 300K American have recovered from the Coronavirus. More than 400K people have contracted the virus, and some would say this doesn’t necessarily mean a death sentence. Many recoveries have been confirmed since the virus started, with… Read more »