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Airlines Cutting Fall Flights

If you have an airplane trip booked this fall, you should pay attention to changes and cancellations on your scheduled trip. USA Today reports that airlines have started removing flights from scheduled because demand during the pandemic is low. After a spike in summer travel, fall trips are not being booked as frequently. United Airlines has… Read more »

Economic Slump Expected to Continue in U.S.

Some of the country’s top economists are painting a grim picture for the U.S. They say America will likely be stuck in a deep economic downturn for a while. About half of the National Association of Business Economics members expect the U.S. gross domestic product (the broadest measure of the economy) won’t return to its… Read more »

Dallas County Reports 7 Additional Deaths, 518 Coronavirus Cases

The new cases raise Dallas County’s total to 688 deaths and 51,108 confirmed cases. The 14-day average dropped for the eighth straight day to 703 cases. A total of 1,468 probable cases have been reported to date in county residents, including two probable deaths. Of cases requiring hospitalization, two-thirds of all COVID-19 patients have been… Read more »

Nearly Half Of Americans Enjoy Physical Distancing

A good portion of Americans want their space. A survey from found that 48 percent of people enjoy physical distancing that has been put in place during the pandemic. The survey also asked what are the daily activities that people don’t miss. Even 36 percent don’t miss working in an office, 29 percent could… Read more »