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Ice Cube

Ice Cube Announces New Album Release

Ice Cube is coming back to the music side of things after celebrating another successful season with his Big 3 tournaments. Cube announced on Instagram that he will be releasing a new album on December 7th. Cube posted the album artwork for Everythangs Corrupt, which shows a bloody hand clutching cash, to his Instagram page… Read more »

Suge Knight

Suge Knight’s Lawyers Accused of Conspiracy

Suge  Knight’s lawyers accused of conspiracy.  Oh lawd!! Now this is a hot mess! Suge Knight’s legal team is making headlines. One of his current and one his former attorneys have been indicted on charges including conspiring to bribe potential witnesses in his upcoming murder trial.  Read more about this drama here. Read here

Dr. Dre sorry for assault

Dr. Dre Is Sorry For Assault.

Dr. Dre is sorry for assault.  He has given us some great music, but behind the scenes he was not a nice guy at times.  Back in the day in (1991) he assaulted a journalist named Dee Barnes.  The assault was brought to light again when the movie “Straight Outta Compton” came out and a lot… Read more »


It Ain’t Over! Michel’le Planning A Tell All Book!

Michel’le’s Lifetime movie “Surviving Compton” did extremely well in the ratings, so well that the singer is planning to write a companion tell-all book. “It’s coming” was her response to a Twitter follower who suggested that she write the book, however there is no official word on when it will happen. Stay tuned!


“Surviving Compton” A Huge Ratings Hit!

Not only did “Surviving Compton” get great reviews, but it also got great ratings! The story of Michel’le’s drama filled relationship with Dr. Dre drew in a average of 2.3 million viewers, which means it was a major hit for Lifetime! Michel’le said that she was motivated to tell her story after it was left… Read more »


Black Twitter Goes In On Dr. Dre After “Surviving Compton!”

Michel’le told her side of the story in last night’s Lifetime movie “Surviving Compton”, and it looks like everyone is taking her side. The movie showed the very abusive relationship between Michel’le and Dr. Dre which according to Michel’le was left out of the movie “Straight Outta Compton”,  and now black twitter has responded to… Read more »