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TLC Treats Fans To A Slumber Party!!

When TLC launched a Kick-starter campaign back in 2015 to raise funds for a new album, they promised fans who donated $5000 or more to the campaign that they would be treated to a sleepover with the group. TLC did receive the money needed to produce their album “TLC” which was released this year and… Read more »

T-Boz's family will sue police for shooting her cousin Eddie

T-Boz’s Family Will Sue Police for Shooting Her Cousin Eddie

T-Boz’s family will sue police for shooting her cousin Eddie. Police allegedly shot her cousin, Eddie Russell Jr., 15-20 times. Eddie who was 25 and mentally ill, was being sought by police after being allegedly caught on security video robbing a bank. Eddie’s father tried to get to him to talk but police reportedly wouldn’t allow it. Read… Read more »

TLC's European tour is postponed after T-Boz's injury to her neck

TLC’s European Tour is Postponed After T-Boz’s Injury to Her Neck

TLC’s European tour is postponed after T-Boz’s injury to her neck. T-Boz suffered what’s being called a “serious neck injury.” She did it while performing on tour in the U.S. T-Boz said, “Chilli and I are very disappointed that we have been left with no choice but to postpone our debut European tour. We would like… Read more »