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The T.D. Jakes Show Cancelled!

The T.D. Jakes Show will not return for a second season according to TEGNA, the company that produced the show. “We are really proud of T.D. Jakes,” said Bob Sullivan, Tegna senior VP of programming. “The economics of daytime, not Jakes or the quality of the show itself, is what has taken us out of… Read more »

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T.D. Jakes Hosts “A Conversation With America” TODAY!

The results of the Presidential Election are in and now it’s time to talk! Bishop T.D. Jakes hosts a “Conversation With America: Presidential Election Special” today. “We promise an empowering and positive discussion about how we can come together under our new leadership to make this country work better for all of us moving forward”… Read more »


Oprah Winfrey Returns To Daytime TV Today!

If you’ve missed seeing Oprah Winfrey on daytime TV, the wait is over! The talk-show queen returns to daytime today as guest on the “T.D. Jakes” show! Winfrey talks about her 30 years in TV including her show and her network, plus she also gives her opinion of the current Presidential race!


Oprah Returns To Daytime TV…To Endorse Hillary!

Oprah Winfrey is returing to daytime TV…but not as a host! The queen of daytime talk appears on the T.D. Jakes Show and she has one message, vote for Hillary Clinton…even if you don’t like her! “You don’t have to like her,” Winfrey said. “Do you like this country? You better get out there and… Read more »

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T.D. Jakes’ Big Surprise For Bobby Brown!

Bobby Brown gets a huge surprise on the T.D. Jakes show when Jakes brings out a guest to apologize to the singer for passing judgement on him based on what he saw in the media. The guest said that after reading Brown’s book “Every Little Step”, he changed his mind about how he saw the… Read more »

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T.D. Jakes’ Powerful Word On Forgiveness!

Bishop T.D. Jakes has a powerful word for people who are struggling with forgiveness. “I know it’s hard to forgive somebody you’re angry with and love at the same time” Jakes said. “But by doing so, you free your own heart from pain and suffering.”   Jakes’ TV talk show launched this week and can… Read more »