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Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton Is in Love With New Boyfriend

Tamar Braxton is in love with new boyfriend.  Go Tamar!  We have been hearing all about Tamar and Vince and the drama with their separation and now upcoming divorce.  Now she is looking fabulous and has announced she has a new man.  Word is he is fine and rich too!  Read below… Read more here


What?? Tamar Braxton Renting Mansion for $85,000 a Month

What?? Tamar Braxton renting mansion for $85,000 a month.  That’s a whole lot of money to rent a mansion.  Tamar and Vince tried to sell this mansion in October of last year for $15 million, but no one bit the bait.  Now with liens piling up, the couple want to lease the property which has… Read more »


Vince Herbert BANNED From Tamar’s Condo

Vince Herbert BANNED from Tamar’s Condo.  Talk about drama.  These two can’t seem to stay away from it.  According to the website lovebscott Vince went to see Tamar, at her Beverly Hills Condo and  they got into a heated argument, real heated, not sure about what and the next thing you know security was escorting… Read more »


Tamar and Vince Renting Out Mansion For $150K/Month

Tamar and Vince renting out mansion for $150K/Month.  Not sure if they are staying together or not but Tamar and Vince are renting out their  Calabasas mansion for $150,000 a month.  Wow that’s a lot of money to invest in renting a home each month.  They listed if back in October for $15 million, but… Read more »


Look: Tamar and Vince Talk Marriage

Look: Tamar and Vince talk marriage. ‘This was a really good show when Tamar was a guest host. Vince was in the audience and they even brought him up on the panel. When they asked him about their marriage he made it very clear that he wanted his family back. When Tamar was asked, well… Read more »


Vince Herbert Ordered To Pay $65K For Car

Vince Herbert ordered to pay $65K for car.  Sometimes the good life comes with a price.  A judge in Florida has ordered Vince to pay $65K for a repossessed Rolls-Royce he leased and failed to make payments on according to TMZ. See here