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Oprah’s Interview With Barbara Bush [WATCH]

Mourners gathered in Texas to pay tribute and say goodbye the former, First Lady of The United States of America Barbara Bush.  Barbara Bush died at her Houston home this past Tuesday at the age of 92. Oprah spoke with Mrs. Bush in 1989 on how to prepare to be the ‘First Lady’.


Oprah Sued By Pastor For Stealing Greenleaf Show Idea

Oprah sued by pastor for stealing Greenleaf show idea.  What?? Now Greenleaf is one of my favorite shows on OWN.  Now a Pastor and his writing partner are claiming that they met with OWN executives and pitched the idea for their show “Justice and Glory” in 2014 and got great feedback.  It obviously did not… Read more »


Mo’Nique Calls Oprah Fake

Mo’Nique  calls Oprah Fake.   Mo’Nique will be here in the Metroplex on March 31st for the April fool’s comedy jam, and we know she will be addressing a lot of the things we have been seeing in the press and social media.  Her most recent beef has been with Netflix about not getting her… Read more »

Is Mo'Nique

Is Mo’Nique Coming For Oprah?

Is Mo’Nique coming for Oprah?  It looks that way.  Mo’Nique has no trouble speaking her mind.  Say what you want but sometimes she makes some valid points in her truth.  She’s come for Oprah in the past, and now she’s coming  for Oprah again asking when has Oprah really supported Black women.  Read below and… Read more »


Oprah Reveals The Secret Behind Her Talk Show Success

Oprah reveals the secret behind her talk show success.  Yep lady O is giving up the secret to her show and it’s not what you think.  She says the secret is in one word.  Intention.  What??  Yes she says The Oprah Winfrey talk show was successful because it was their “intention” for it to be… Read more »

Oprah’s 60 Minutes Debut: America’s Political Divide!

Oprah Winfrey will start her new job as a “60 Minutes” corespondent this Sunday and she’s revealed that her debut story will focus primarily on bridging the gap between Trump’s America. Winfrey’s segment may remind viewers of the early days of The Oprah Winfrey Show as she will feature a panel made up ideologically opposed… Read more »