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TI countersues Tiny with his own papers for a divorce

TI Countersues Tiny With His Own Papers for a Divorce

TI countersues Tiny with his own papers for a divorce. Tiny filed last year and now TI has filed and wants his terms on the record. Tiny wants the judge to decide child support, visitation and health insurance TI will pay. She wants temporary and permanent alimony consistent with their standard of living. Tiny is also asking for their martial… Read more »

Tiny Explains What Took So Long to Serve T.I.

Tiny explains on Monday’s “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle,” on VH-1, that she was trying to be thoughtful and not sick the people on T.I. and to serve him divorce people. She didn’t want it done in public, or in front of the kids. T.I. still wouldn’t tell Tiny where he’d be. Watch here.

T.I. Doesn’t Want to be Married Anymore Because…..

T.I. doesn’t want to be married anymore because it distracts him. Tip says he and Tiny are good. They spend time together, they talk and she’s his best friend. He still considers himself the patriarch of the family. Being married though distracts and deters him. He also says money is not an issue. Read all of… Read more »