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Beyonce Joins Tik Tok

The Beyhive swarmed on Thursday (December 16) as the Queen B made her presence known on TikTok. Beyoncé’s clothing line, Ivy Park, also debuted on the social media platform and shared content from the Ivy Park X Adidas collections, “HALLS of IVY” and “PELOTON.” Beyoncé has yet to post anything on her TikTok, but she’s… Read more »

Gorilla Glue Girl

Gorilla Glue Girl Records Song About Ordeal

Gorilla Glue Girl has a new song and she wants everyone to hear it. Tessica Brown has recorded a song which she debuted on her TikTok titled, “Ma Hair.” Brown’s manager, Gina Rodriguez says Tessica recorded the song last month with the help of independent music producer Phil Valley. Brown had reached out to Nicki… Read more »