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T.I. Gives Tiny Custom Mercedes for Her Birthday

T.I. gives Tiny custom Mercedes for her birthday.   Tiny has been living it up for her birthday.  First she was seen having a fabulous time with her girls on a girls trip in Miami.  Now T.I. has bought her a custom  Mercedes.  The price tag $225,000.  Wow now that’s a car!  Yes this car… Read more »


T.I. in Talks to Join Eddie Murphy in Movie

T.I. in talks to join Eddie Murphy in Movie.  T.I. is getting his movie portfolio  together.  He just had a part in Marvel’s Ant Man and the Wasp, and now he is in talks with Eddie Murphy to star in Dolemite is my name.  Mike Epps and Wesley Snipes have already signed on to star… Read more »

Did TI get himself caught cheating once again

Did TI Get Himself Caught Cheating Once Again

Did TI get himself caught cheating once again? TI and Tiny reportedly reconciled not too long ago. But TI believes the act of marriage can ruin the bond of a romantic relationship. He reposted a post that asked why men don’t marry. “Why men don’t marry: because there’s nothing in it for them… men know there’s… Read more »


T.I. Ordered to Pay Restaurant Employees $75,000

T.I. ordered to pay restaurant employees $75,000.  This payment for his employees who lost their jobs when his restaurant shut down.  Each person will get $8,333,33 each totaling $75,000.  He also has to pay attorney fees which comes to another $25,000, totaling $100,000 in all.  I guess the food business was not such a good… Read more »

Tiny is sad that ABC canceled Roseanne's TV show

Tiny is Sad That ABC Canceled Roseanne’s TV Show

Tiny is sad that ABC canceled Roseanne’s TV show. She thinks ABC may have gone too far. Tiny told TMZ, “People have gotten away with tweeting and saying worse things than Roseanne did.” Tiny’s not giving her a pass, but she does think that ABC could’ve come at the problem a lot differently. The concern she has is more… Read more »