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TI and Tiny call off their divorce and Tip moves back in

TI and Tiny Call Off Their Divorce and Tip Moves Back In

TI and Tiny call off their divorce and Tip moves back in. They (mostly TI) apparently have come to their senses. They belong together. They reportedly don’t want anyone to know they’re back together. Supposedly because they want to keep things more private this time. So no more reality TV? Read more here.

Xscape Will Reunite At Essence

Xscape will reunite for the first time in 15 years at this years Essence Festival. The four original members announced a reunion tour not too long ago but there weren’t many details after that. There are two biopics in the works. One the group is behind with producer Mona Scott Young. The other, the ladies aren’t… Read more »

MJB Says Kendu Spent $420K on Side Piece

Mary J. Blige accuses Kendu of spendng $420,000 of her money on his side piece. I’ll #spillthetea. Tiny told Wendy Williams about Bernice Bergos. RIP Cuba Gooding, Sr. Thanks for checking out Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio.

Tiny’s Friend Writes Message to “Self”

Tiny Harris’ friend, Sabrina, posted a ‘letter to self,’ that obviously took a shot at T.I. T.I. said being married for him was a distraction. Read about that here. Sabrina’s letter went like this, “Dear Self, Don’t give a man your good years, become a felon for him, let go of friends, give up your… Read more »

Tiny’s Mom Shades Tamar

Tiny’s mother, Dianne Cottle Pope, shaded Tamar. You’ll remember Tamar and Tiny fell out, supposedly because Tiny was a guest on “The Real,” the show that fired Tamar. Tamar posted on Instagram that she wished she had a daughter. That’s when Tiny’s mom shaded her with the comment, “Why don’t you claim your goddaughter Heiress…. Read more »