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Trey Songz Close to Losing Miami Condo

Trey Songz is on brink of losing a luscious Miami Condo. It’s reportedly all over $1700 in home association fees. The Brickell Key Master Association says in lawsuit that Trey has been refusing to pay since October. The association wants him out and the condo sold and the money used to pay off the fees. That’s… Read more »

Trey Songz Ready to Fight

It was days ago that Trey Songz said he didn’t want to fight no one. Specifically, August Alsina, “I don’t wanna fight nobody. That don’t prove nothing. I’m 32 years ago. I got hands. It don’t prove nothing to beat nobody up.” But Trey was ready to throw hands in a club. Not a good… Read more »

Trey Songz Ain’t Here for a Plea Deal

Trey Songz has turned down a plea deal that would’ve have taken his felony charge down to a misdemeanor and put him on probation for 2 years. Trey was charged last December with aggravated assault and assaulting a police officer in Detroit. He was allegedly upset that he was told he had to shut down a… Read more »

KeKe Palmer and Trey Songz Settle Up

Keke Palmer has reached peace with Trey Songz. The backstory is that Trey allegedly used her likeness/image in his video, “Pick Up the Phone,” without Keke’s permission. She claimed he used sexual intimidation. How do you intimidate anyone that doesn’t know what’s going on? Anyway, it’s done and she says she would’ve handled it differently…. Read more »