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Ben Carson

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Test Positive for COVID-19

Ben Carson the HUD Secretary has tested positive for COVID-19.  Another member Donald Trumps inner circle has tested positive.  Sources at CNN say he will have a fast recovery because he of course has the best medical care.  He along with Mark Meadows and four others have all tested positive.   Ben Carson has been spotted… Read more »

Barack Obama

The Obama’s To Produce Story About The Trump Administration

The Obama’s to produce story about the Trump Administration.  Talk about poetic justice.  It was announced recently that The Obama’s signed a production with Netflix, and now it looks like the first project will be a series connected to the best selling book The Fifth Right which will help people understand government better and highlight… Read more »

Maxine Waters Response To Threats [WATCH]

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) addressed threats made against her this week for standing up against the current administration and their inhumane policies.  The congresswoman isn’t backing down and has a message for those that have made threats against her life.