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Too Short's 2006 bankruptcy is spilling his tea on his coins

Too Short’s 2009 Bankruptcy is Spilling His Tea on His Coins

Too Short’s 2006 bankruptcy is spilling his tea on his coins. In recent papers filed last month, the trustee says Too Short has made $200,000 in royalties since the bankruptcy was filed. He made $40,000 last year alone. But he still has to pay his taxes. Read more here.


Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Wants Cissy and Pat Fired

The estate of Bobbi Kristina want Whitney’s sister-in-law Pat and her mother, Cissy removed as trustees. Why does the estate want Pat and Cissy removed. Money is the reason but not the way you think it is. Read about it here.

Tisha and Duane

Duane and Tisha Campbell Martin Being Sued

It’s all behind their filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee attached to their case says they are guilty of trying to hide money. This gets a little complicated for me and we haven’t even heard their side. Read here for more.