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Jason George is leaving Grey's Anatomy for a new Shonda TV show

Jason George is Leaving Grey’s Anatomy for a New Shonda TV Show

Jason George is leaving Grey’s Anatomy for a new Shonda TV show. He’ll still be on this upcoming 14th season of Grey’s, but will transition to the new show when it starts shooting. He told ET last month, “I serve at the pleasure of Shonda Rhimes, so whatever she wants, I’m good.” More here.

Don't expect the same Cookie on Empire this season says Taraji P Henson

Don’t Expect the Same Cookie on Empire This Season Says Taraji P Henson

Don’t expect the same Cookie on Empire this season says Taraji P Henson. Taraji spilled the tea about Cookie. She says Cookie is a CEO now and won’t be the same in-your-face Cookie that takes no mess. Taraji told Digital Spy,  “She can’t pop off. She’s heading up board meetings.” More here.

The creator of Power said why Ghost's daughter was killed off

The Creator of Power Said Why Ghost’s Daughter Was Killed Off

The creator of Power said why Ghost’s daughter was killed off. Courtney Kemp told Entertainment Weekly, “It had a lot to do with the inevitable, which was that Tariq was getting more and more over his head in dealing with a world he doesn’t understand. What are the natural consequence of messing with gangsters? You get… Read more »

Empire’s Struggle Continues

Empire aired their first new episode in two weeks and the ratings were the lowest ever for the show. It still won the night but viewership is down to 6.2 million. Networks are happy when a show wins the night but they really pay attention to how its trending. I imagine FOX isn’t really happy…. Read more »

Tamron Hall Was the Inspiration for Being Mary Jane

Tamron Hall was the inspiration for ‘Mary Jane Paul,’ the character on BET’s “Being Mary Jane,” starring Gabrielle Union. The show’s creator, Mara Brock Akil, said Tamron was the muse for the character. The two are very good friends. Mara also spoke on Tamron’s decision to leave NBC. Read that here.