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Tyler Perry Studios Is Feeding 5,000 Families For Thanksgiving

In Atlanta, Tyler Perry Studios recently turned into #TPSGiving over the weekend as the company set out to feed thousands of families for Thanksgiving.  Tyler and his crew gave out non-perishable food items and gift cards to 5000 families.  Photos of the event showed thousanPreview (opens in a new window)ds in line in their cars to… Read more »

Tyler Perry Studios Reopening Plan: Cast & Crew Live on Premises?

Even though the governor of Georgia has made the controversial decision to reopen the state’s non-essential businesses amid a continuing rise in COVID-19 infections and deaths, one of the state’s most notable residents – Tyler Perry – is strategically devising a plan that could get production up and running again at his massive studio complex… Read more »

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Tyler Perry Studios to Open for Public Tours

Tyler Perry Studios To Open For Public Tours  Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta will be offering public tours in 2020!  I can’t wait for that.  He just made it a good reason for me to visit Atlanta.  The studio opened a few weeks ago, and will start the tours in next year.  His land has… Read more »

Tyler Perry bought Tiffany Haddish a brand new Tesla

Tyler Perry Heads To Netflix For New Movie!

Tyler Perry is heading to the small screen for the release of his next movie, and it looks good! A Fall from Grace deals with the story of a woman who finds a new romance after her ex-husband cheats on her only to discover more secrets and lies. The movie features Crystal Fox, Phylicia Rashad,… Read more »

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Tyler Perry Studios to Host Miss Universe 2019

Tyler Perry Studios to Host Miss Universe 2019.  Mr. Tyler is making moves!  He is gearing to bring the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant to his 330-acre 12 stage studio in Atlanta!    This is definitely a big event!  His 330-acre 12-stage Atlanta studio will be the home of the 2019 Miss Universe pageant!  The competition, hosted… Read more »

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Tyler Perry Studios to Host Next Democratic Presidential Debate

Tyler Perry Studios To Host The Next Democratic Presidential Debate.  Tyler Perry (Studios) is about to get political.  His  new state of the art facility in Atlanta will host the next Democratic Presidential Debate.  Stacey Abrams who is very excited about this development, confirmed the news on Twitter. The debate is scheduled to take place November 20th.