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50 Cent

50 Cents Super Bowl Party Cost Florida Venue It’s Lease

Wow, the Florida Venue that hosted 50 Cents mostly maskless  Super Bowl party last Friday has cost a Florida venue it’s leasing license.  The day after the event, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kirseman took to Twitter to slam Fiddy.  People paid between $85 and $7000 dollars to party with him. Read more here

Trey Songz

Tre Songz Performs at Indoor Venue Cited for COVID Violations

Uh oh.  People are letting Trey Songz have it when it came out that this past weekend he performed in Ohio at a indoor venue hosting more than 500 people not practicing any COVID-19 practices.  People were not wearing mask, drinking from each other’s glasses, and most of all not standing 6 feet apart.  Even… Read more »