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What You May Have Forgotten To Clean During Coronavirus Outbreak

Since the Coronavirus broke out, you’ve likely taken a sponge and disinfectant to your home. Maybe you even got the vacuum into the tough corners. But have you really cleaned everything? According to Dr Lisa Ackerley, who goes by The Hygiene Doctor, there are many items that get neglected when giving the place a good once… Read more »


Luenell Bans Her Daughter From Her Home

Luenell is not playing when it comes to Coronavirus.   She revealed on Instagram that she’s taken drastic measures to avoid catching the potentially deadly virus, including cutting off members of her own family. Luenell, 61, kicked her daughter, out of her home after Da’Nelle Campbell apparently went too far making jokes about her mother’s concern about… Read more »

Idris Elba

Idris Elba Test Postive For Coronavirus

OMG!!   Actor Idris Elba has announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19, the illness associated with the new coronavirus. He made the announcement on today saying that he felt okay and he hasn’t felt any symptoms so far. Elba says he decided to get tested for the virus after he learned that he came… Read more »