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John Legend

Walgreens Taps John Legend to Encourage Vaccinations

John Legend and Walgreens have teamed up to encourage people to get vaccinated.  Launching this Sunday April 4, TV commercials for Walgreens featuring John’s voice will start airing.  The tagline is This Is Our Shot.  The commercial will highlight getting vaccinated is the nation’s best chance to ending the pandemic.  Do commercials with celebrities influence your decision… Read more »

Walgreens looking to hire 1,000 new workers

The coronavirus has caused many people to lose their jobs since companies have been forced to close their businesses, but Walgreens wants to help anyone that may have lost their job due to this. Walgreens is currently looking to hire about 1,000 new workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Sean Barry, Walgreen’s Senior Director of… Read more »