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WOW! Tyler Perry dropped over $430K to pay off Walmart layaways!

Tyler Perry is once again showing just how generous he is, the Madea star dropped $434,000 to pay off the layaways of customers at two Atlanta area Walmart stores. “I was trying to do this anonymously, but due to some circumstances ya’ll know nothing stays secret these days, so I just wanted to go ahead… Read more »


Black Owned Bottled Water Now Sold at Walmart

Black owned bottled water now sold at Walmart.  For the first time in history, Walmart is selling a Black-owned bottled water brand on its shelves. It’s called Live Alkaline Water, and it is 100% natural alkaline water that is bottled at the source from a natural underground spring, an aquifer, and a mineral rock bed… Read more »

Why Is Tamela Mann Working At Walmart?!!

Has Tamela Mann found a new career? The ‘Take Me To The King’ singer and husband David Mann were involved in some hilarious shenanigans, as for some reason Tamala was behind the counter at Walmart! It’s not known if this was being recorded for their reality show, but it was caught on video and posted… Read more »


Walmart Raises Age to 21 To Purchase Guns

Walmart raises age to 21 to purchase guns.  Walmart is the largest seller of firearms and ammunition in the United States.  This move is following Dick’s Sporting Good’s announcement that they would no longer be selling guns to people under the age of 21. This move of course coming as a result of the Parkland… Read more »


Anonymous Donor Pays $40,000 In Layaway Bills

Anonymous donor pays $40,000 in layaway bills.  How cool is that!!  Yes someone stepped in and paid $40,000 in layaway bills at a Walmart in Pennsylvania.  Can you imagine going to Walmart to pay on your layaway only to be told that it has already been paid?   Dang what a good feeling that would… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Creates New Song For Walmart & BET!

Kirk Franklin is always finding new ways to inspire with his music! The ‘Wanna Be Happy’ singer has teamed up with Walmart and BET to create the timely song “Get Together”, and he says that he wants the song to give people hope. “Everything can’t be about turning up when people are losing everything that… Read more »