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T-Boz Issues a Warning About Human Traffickers

TLC member T-Boz has a message for everyone, particularly young women and men. She is warning her fans be please be careful of your surroundings after her daughter was potentially targeted by sex traffickers. Read more here

Don Lemon

Don Lemon Given Final Warning By CNN

Don Lemon is on thin ice at CNN. He is welcome back for now, but TMZ has learned that he only needs one more strike to be fired for good, and he knows it. Lemon met with network execs earlier this week and was told they would no longer stand for his antics. Lemon was… Read more »

overworked doctors

Overworked Doctors BEG People to Stay Home

Doctors all over the world are feeling overworked due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There is currently a campaign called, “Stay Home: Save Lives” that many medical personnel are participating in hoping that people will heed the warning to stay home. Medical workers began posting pictures of themselves wearing gloves and face masks while holding signs saying: “I stayed… Read more »