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R Kelly

Arrest Warrent Issued for R. Kelly

Arrest Warrant Issued for R. Kelly A Minnesota judge has issued a bench warrant against singer R. Kelly after he failed to appear in his courtroom to answer charges. In the Minnesota case, Kels is accused of offering $200 to a 17-year old girl to take her clothes off and dance back in 2001. According… Read more »

Columbus Short

Columbus Short Has Another Warrant Out For His Arrest

Columbus Short has another warrant out for his arrest.  Oh now not again.  Yes according to Columbus Short is in trouble with the law AGAIN.  He did not show up in court which can be a problem. Read here

Police Chief Said Warrant Was Coming But Where Is It?

Police chief said warrant was coming but where it?  That question is on a lot of peoples after the death of 26 year old Botham Jean who was killed when a Dallas Police Officer thought his apartment was hers and shot and killed him. (for no reason)  and now people want answers…Did he know this… Read more »