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U.S. Festival to Become First to Sell Weed On-Site

U.S. Festival to Become First to Sell Weed On-Site What?? Now that I don’t partake in smoking marijuana anymore, look what’s happening… For the first time in American music history, a music festival held inside the United States will allow patrons to use marijuana.  It’s no surprise that this first is happening in San Francisco… Read more »

Ray J

Ray J to Invest 5M to Launch Cannabis Brand

Ray J to invest 5m to launch cannabis brand.   I know this sounds old, but I never thought I would see the day that people openly invested 5 million dollars to buy weed or the correct term is cannabis.  Ray J is a businessman who sees the potential in the weed business.  He has… Read more »


Dak Prescott’s Dad Arrested for Weed

Dak Prescott’s dad arrested for weed. Yes, Dak’s daddy was arrested while driving down hwy.87 near Houston.  He was pulled over for a traffic violation when the officer’s discovered the less than 2 grams of weed. Now Dak’ dad is 57 years old and at the age isn’t it time to stop smoking weed? I… Read more »


More Businesses are Willing to Hire Weed Smokers

More businesses are willing to hire weed smokers.  What??  Yep this is real.  But it does not mean walking into the office with a joint in your hand, or smoking during your breaks, but it is a change that will be taking place soon.  Employers are quietly taking that step to drop Marijuana from the… Read more »