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Rev. Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton Eats Only Once a Day

Reverend Al Sharpton has revealed his key to keeping the weight off. The super-busy activist revealed that he only eats one meal a day. After being spotted at the famous Harlem, NY restaurant Sylvia’s, Sharpton revealed his one meal, a kale salad. Sharpton went on to reveal that he only eats the aforementioned kale salad… Read more »

Couple Loses 115 Pounds Together During Pandemic

A couple from Atlanta set a pandemic goal to start running and in the process, that goal led them to lose 115 pounds together.   Marlon and Camille Jones were both tired of their weight and wanted to do something to get in better shape during the pandemic.   At the beginning of their journey, Marlon weighed… Read more »


Christmas Weight Gain Could be Prevented by Drinking Coffee

Christmas Weight Gain Could Be Prevented by Drinking Coffee  A new study found that drinking coffee will do more than just wake you up.  Scientists at the University of Illinois say that consuming caffeine can limit weight gain and cholesterol production even while eating a diet high in fat and sugar.  In an experiment with… Read more »

Weight Loss

The Best Weight Loss Diet Revealed by Reserarch

The Best Weight Loss Diet Revealed by Research As we prepare for the New Year, new weight loss goals comes with that for some of us. A  new study says, the best diet is one high in protein and low in calorie intake. People who ate more protein as part of a calorie-controlled diet lost… Read more »

Ladies Beat The Stress Hormone For Weight Loss

Ladies if you have been unsuccessful at trying to loose a few extra pounds for summer, you may not be doing anything wrong. In fact it could be due to a stress hormone being out of balance. Stress hormones or Cortisol is essential in regulating your immune system and blood pressure when your body is… Read more »