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Welcome to Sweetie Pies Ending After 5 Seasons

Welcome to Sweetie Pies Ending After 5 Seasons.  Say it ain’t so Joe… Yes according to Season 5 will air beginning May 1st, 9 PM Central time and this will be the last season for the popular show.  This docuseries was part of the family for a lot of people. We loved watching the… Read more »

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Sweetie Pie’s Star Tim Norman Say’s Ex Is Lying

Sweetie Pie’s Star Tim Norman say’s ex is lying.   Another hot mess.  Tim Norman was dating Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams and for a while it seemed like everything was good.  Until it wasn’t.  Next thing you know Jennifer was accusing Tim of abuse allegations which Tim says is totally untrue.  He says she… Read more »

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Sweetie Pies Tim Norman’s Messy Court Battle

Sweetie Pies Tim Norman heads to court.  This is shaping up to be a real mess!!!  Sweetie Pie’s Tim Norman and Basketball wife Jennifer Williams break up has all kinds of drama involved.  It looks like the break up has gotten so bad that now the law is involved.  He says she slashed his tires,… Read more »

Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s Is Returning To OWN!

Everyone’s favorite Soul Food restaurant is coming back! Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s is returning to OWN for its 5th season! The chicken wings, mac & cheese and shenanigans of Miss Robbie and her family will once again fill our Saturday nights! Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s will kick off its 5th season November 25th on OWN…. Read more »