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Wendy Williams’ Mother-In-Law Speaks On Abuse

Rumors continue to swirl about the strange behavior from talk show host Wendy Williams and her husband’s alleged mistress. Now her husband’s mother has allegedly chimed in, in defense of Wendy. Pearlet Hunter said she has witnessed her son Kevin abusing his famous wife. Ms. Hunter she said she saw him “choke Wendy out”¬† Wait,… Read more »

Wendy Williams Hospitalized, Delays Show Return Third Time

We need to say a pray for Wendy Williams as the television host has delayed her return to television for the third time. In a post on her Instagram account it states, that Wendy has experienced complications regarding her Graves’ disease¬† that will require treatment and will require her to enter the hospital. It goes… Read more »

Wendy Williams Reportedly Getting A Divorce

Sad news for Wendy Williams as several reports surface that she is filing for divorce from her husband of 21 years. The talk show host’s husband (Kevin Hunter) has been rumored for years to have a mistress that lives right down the street from the home he shares with Wendy. The last straw must be… Read more »