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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Is Back on the Market

Wendy conducted a dating show within her own show to help her find love again.  She was matched up with Mike Esterman.  Mike is 55 years old and lives in Maryland.  Wendy posted a few photos with him but it appears it did not work out between the two.  Mike cited their busy schedules.  She deserves… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Joseline Hernandez Clashes With Wendy Williams

If you missed the exchange yesterday between Wendy Williams and former Love and Hip Hop star Joseline Hernandez on the Wendy Williams show you missed it.  In an intense on air exchange, Joseline told Wendy she should be nicer to other women in the media…It got messier with Wendy trying to shoot back but Joseline… Read more »

NBA Youngboy

NBA YoungBoy Addresses Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams made a comment about NBA Youngboy on her show.  She said in part that he deserved to go to jail.  She added, he could have hurt innocent people with his hot pursuit and that running through people’s backyards could take down the property value.  NBA Younboy wrote a letter that said in part, I… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Brother Speaks Out Again

Uh oh…This family drama is getting messier and messier…First Wendy Williams brother Tommy came out and said he was upset with Wendy not attending their mother’s funeral and then Wendy came back and made comments about him and now he is saying, look I just want to know why you didn’t come to their mother’s… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Reveals Late R&B Singer Raped Her

As Wendy Williams prepares for her movie and documentary to hit television on January 30th, the radio and television personality reveals who raped her early on in her radio career. Williams, who was interviewed by The Daily News on Wednesday (January 13th) revealed the R&B singer, Sherrick, was the one who raped her in 1988. Sherrick, who… Read more »