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Taraji P Henson says she's never gone through a man's phone

Taraji P. Henson Explains Why She Chose Her Role in ‘What Men Want’

Taraji P. Henson’s highly anticipated film, What Men Want, has finally hit theaters today [February 8, 2019]. In an interview with Essence, Henson explained why exactly she chose this role and how it symbolizes much more than what it may initially seem. What Men Want tackles workplace inequality just as well as the #MeToo and Times Up Movement. Taraji explained,… Read more »

Taraji P. Henson Can Hear Men’s Thoughts in Her Upcoming Movie

KRNB – ‘Want Men Want‘ starring Taraji P. Henson hits theaters on February 8, 2019, and the star actress from the small screen hit series ‘Empire’ is in high gear promoting the Paramount film which also features Shaq, Tracy Morgan, Richard Roundtree, Dallas’ own Erykah Badu and others. whatmenwant coming Feb 8 wooooooohooooooo‼️ 💋💋💋… Read more »


Taraji P Henson’s Movie Pushed Back

Taraji P Henson’s movie pushed back.  Yes Taraji will be starring in the remake of the movie “What Men Want” a movie that was a big hit for Mel Gibson, titled “What Women Want”.  I actually saw the movie on cable this past weekend and it is still a good movie.   What Men Want… Read more »