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Bobby Brown wants Whitney Houston's death certificate changed

Bobby Brown Wants Whitney Houston’s Death Certificate Changed

Bobby Brown wants Whitney Houston’s death certificate changed. Bobby thinks Whitney and Bobbi Kristina are not getting justice. He doesn’t believe Whitney died from drugs. He believes she died from a broken heart. The coroner said she had heart disease and cocaine in her system when she died. More here.

Nick Gordon said Bobbi Kristina attempted suicide twice

Nick Gordon Said Bobbi Kristina Attempted Suicide Twice

Nick Gordon said Bobbi Kristina attempted suicide twice. He also says she had two miscarriages. He says, “If I had someone tell me this would be a good thing for y’all to separate I’d have tried that. But I just know it was just us two. Everybody knew. All of these family members, all of these… Read more »

Remembering Whitney Houston [VIDEO]

We lost Whitney Houston on this day in 2012 due to an accidental drowning in her Beverly Hills hotel room. It is still shocking to comprehend that she was taken from us so soon. Whitney had one of the greatest voices in history and has she had a significant impact on the music industry.  Whitney… Read more »