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‘Bad Boys 3’ Breaks Records w/Huge $68M Weekend!!!

Bad Boys For Life had a record-breaking good weekend. It is a long weekend so the final tally is not in but so far it has brought in $68 million. This makes it the second-biggest January debut of all time behind American Sniper  That movie opened with $107 million. Bad Boys 2 opened with $46 million… Read more »

‘Bad Boys for Life’ Projected to Make Over $40 Million

The bad boys Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett will hopefully bring in some good money at the box office! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence team up for a third time in ‘Bad Boys for Life’ and the movie is already projected to make over $40 million! The movie opens January 17, Martin Luther King weekend… Read more »

Check Out The New “Bad Boys For Life” Trailer [VIDEO]

We are super excited that we have a new ‘Bad Boys For Life’ trailer to check out. In the preview clip, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are still doing smash up police work but realize that time isn’t on their side. Smith’s character Mike Lowrey wants to keep fighting crime until he’s 100 while Lawrence’s… Read more »