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Tamar Braxton believes Delta Airlines targeted her because of her television image


ABC/Adam TaylorAfter being reprimanded by a Delta Airlines pilot for not following flight crew instructions, Tamar Braxton says she believes she was singled out because of her reality television image.

“I think that because of what people perceive on television is why I was targeted in the first place,” Tamar tells TMZ. “That wasn’t really fair because I did nothing wrong. I did nothing but sit in my seat, put my seat belt on and just trying to get home to my son, and I was targeted because of what someone felt how I acted on television.”

Tamar is known for her outrageous behavior on her reality shows Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince.

“I treat everybody with respect,” Tamar adds. “I really do try to do my best to be nice to everyone and it’s just unfortunate that that happened.”

As previously reported, the incident occurred last month and was recorded on video by Tamar’s sister, Towanda Braxton

Towanda commented at the time, “@tamarbraxton got ridiculed by a pilot for flying while black on Delta. Wow! I guess being a diamond and double million miler don’t matter… @deltaShame on you… #WhyArePeopleSoMad #flyingwhileblack.”

Towanda further commented on Instagram that the pilot and a flight attendant wrongfully accused Tamar of being drunk because she had a blanket over her head while trying to sleep.

Tamar says she blames the incident on the pilot and the flight crew, and does not find complete fault with Delta Airlines.

“It’s not really even the company, sometimes you hire bad people,” she says, “You just got to get rid of the bad people. It doesn’t mean the company is bad.

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